Benefits of AEEG

Ambulatory EEG Video allows physicians to understand what the patient’s symptoms are during a typical day with flexibility and portability rather than being confined to an EMU hospital bed. Another benefit to in-home AEEG’s is the ability to capture a patient’s natural sleep pattern from 1 day – 5 days. This is critical because up to 75% of seizures or abnormalities often occur at night.

Our high quality AEEG provides clear audio of the patient, video of the patient, EEG waveforms, as well as patient documentation of daily events. These data elements combined provide the doctor with a high diagnostic yield for improved patient care, diagnosis and treatment.


How To Order

1. Submit Order Form

Your staff faxes an order form to our office or submits an order online. We then fax your office a confirmation that the order was received.

2. Schedule The Study

We contact the patient to schedule the study immediately upon verifying benefits or receipt of pre-authorization and fax your office a confirmation.

3. Perform AEEG Study

One of our certified technicians will setup and perform the study at the patient’s home for the duration you ordered. 

4. Complete Study & Send Data

We clip the study within 48 hours of disconnect. We contact the reading physician when the study is ready and available for viewing.

Ready To Order?

If you are ready to order a study, download and complete form below and fax to (803) 526-7349

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