How It Works

What Is AEEG?

Until recently, prolonged EEG video monitoring has been performed in an in-patient setting. These studies are often costly, may be inconvenient and are at times uncomfortable for patients. Providing in-home EEG video reduces cost, enhances patient satisfaction. Because studies are administered in an environment most comfortable to the patient, this home setting is also where a patient has their typical stressors that trigger a seizure-like event. The convenience of in-home AEEG is ideal for patients who can’t drive, who live in rural areas, who are disabled or bed ridden, or have young children and other significant family commitments.

The Process

1. In-Home Setup

After scheduling your appointment, one of our registered technicians will arrive at your home to set-up the EEG testing equipment that records brain activity. 


2. Monitor

After setup, you are now free to move about so that you can complete your normal day to day tasks in the comfort of your own home.

3. Pick Up Equipment

After 72 hours, we will return to your home to pick up the equipment. We will assist you as well are unable to complete the self-disconnect procedure. 

review data

4. Analyze & Report

Your EEG data will be analyzed by our seizure detection software and a registered technician, then delivered to your physician for review.

What Patients Are Saying